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Putain des Palaces by cicak

Hannibal, Explicit, 3889 words

They are having an affair. He tells himself he won’t let it get in the way of the plan.

The concluding part of the perfume triptych, which starts with Sillage, is followed by Undecalactone and concludes in Putain des Palaces. Exploring what would happen if Will, Hannibal and Alana had a threesome in season 1 and how much more fucked they would be by Mizumono. Featuring all my perfume feels, and my love for bottom Hannibal.

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Also if someone could come and edit my fic for me that’d be great

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I am definitely moving out either at the end of this month, or at the end of November. If anyone wants to set up a fangirl commune, now is the time.

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Stargate: Atlantis

The story of a guy so messed up he had to travel into outer space so an  alien could teach him how to relate to other human beings.

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Difficult to avoid..

My fetish.

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  • me: [sees picture of gillian anderson]
  • me: im very gay
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How to have a zero drama fandom

  • Step 1: like a thing
  • Step 2: find a few close friends who also like the thing
  • Step 3: don't talk to anyone else in the fandom literally those 5-6 persons are your fandom
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IT WAS THE WORST THING. when things get rough I just remember to give thanks everyday that robin williams is not going to snatch up the one shot at playing my beautiful baby!

AT LEAST WE HAVE THIS. Like god, I hate most fancastings, but because that came so close to being real it was the one that really, really hurt.

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I’m hella broke too but yeah autumn, potentially! maybe there was wank in that period where people thought johnny depp would play crowley. if they ever do make the movie it will be the wank of things to come….

I remember that hideous casting rumour, it was nearly confirmed as well, and I think most people were united in their horror. Not about Johnny Depp, but about Robin Williams playing Aziraphale. Oh god, just thinking about it makes me nauseous. Probably the wank is all lost to time now.

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